Audi House of Progress Taipei


The Audi House of Progress Taipei delivered an immersive experience that showcased Audi’s vision for a better future. One driven by constant evolution and consistently pushing boundaries without compromise. One sparked by meaningful conversations with thought leaders across multiple disciplines. This is our conversation about reshaping the future of premium mobility, together.


與 Audi 一同創造未來的豪華移動方式。

Shaping the future of premium mobility

Together we will create the future of premium mobility. 
Reasonable, meaningful, and focused on people´s needs. The complementarity of sustainability and digitalization will produce amazing opportunities and start a new era of mobility. We will make the difference by the way our products look like, work and feel.
By progress you can feel.



劉耕名 賴雨農 李霽

關於 House of Progress
活動日期: 2023/7/8 – 7/30
開放時間: 週一至週五(平日) 12:00-21:00
週六日(含國定假日) 10:00-22:00
活動地點: 克緹國際大樓 戶外廣場
(台北市信義區松仁路 105 號)